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We fixed the viewing problem on VR mode caused by iOS14 update and have released ver2.4.1. Make sure to update to the latest version app before watching the content.

at 日比谷野外大音楽堂

LIVE'20 "FACE TO FAITH" at Hibiya Open Air Concert Hall

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2020年からは新型コロナウイルスの影響で経営不振に陥っているライブハウスを支援するため、新曲2曲と「A GLEAM IN EYE」の再録バージョンの、計3曲を収録したシングル「OVERCOME THE VIRUS」を、同月28日より公式サイトにて発売。

Vocal:葉月 / Guitar:玲央 / Guitar:悠介 / Bass:明徳 / Drum:晁直

lynch. is a Rock band by 5 members.
Formed in 2004 and made a major debut in 2011.

To support the live-houses which have been in the business slump due to the influence of the new coronavirus, they released a CD-single called "OVERCOME THE VIRUS" with 2 new songs and re-recorded version "A GLEAM IN EYE." They started selling it on their official website on April 28, and its download is also available from May 13.
They donated the sales income after deducting their production costs to totally 148 live-houses all around Japan.
They take this situation very seriously and focus on keeping the live-houses alive.

~Band Members~
Vocal:Hazuki / Guitar:Reo / Guitar:Yusuke / Bass:Akinori / Drums:Asanao