Sou LIVE 2020

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2020年9月19日(土)20:00 配信予定

Scheduled to be delivered at 8PM on September 19, 2020.

Sou LIVE 2020 -UTOPIA-

― 生配信 / Live Broadcasting ―



[DATE] September 19 (Sat), 2020
[TIME] OPEN 19:30 / START 20:00

CONTENT: Music & live talk event by Sou (about 60 min in total)

― オンデマンド配信 / On-Demand Delivery ―



[START] 22:00 on September 19 (Sat), 2020
[END] 23:59 on September 20 (Sun), 2020

*The live talk event by Sou is not included for the on-demand delivery.
*The scheduled times above will be flexible.


*The ticket is valid for both live broadcasting and the on-demand delivery.


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7月31日発売の2nd Album「深層から」はオリコンデイリー3位を獲得し、初の東名阪ワンマンツアー「深層から見た景色」を全公演をソールドアウトさせた。

Sou is one of the hottest emerging vocalists with so much talent based on the internet with 930,000 subscribers on YouTube channel, 470,000 followers on Twitter, and so on. The collaboration album called "Sou" by "Eve x Sou" was such a smash hit to place the 7th on the Oricon Weekly chart last year.

He takes a contemporary style and uses the internet that way. He released his first self-composed song "Fools Parade" in 2019 and it has been viewed more than 2,400,000 times. He releases his song as a music video one after another, and his emerging energy has been even more powerful by doing so with his colorful unisex-sound singing voice which has good pitch.

His 2nd Album called "From The Depths" released on July 31 placed the 3rd on Oricon Daily chart, and his first one-man tour "The View From The Depths" held in Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo was all sold out.